Aquastore tanks are designed by professional licensed engineers to meet or exceed local, state, and federal requirements. The following is a listing of just some of the standards you might expect to see dependent upon your application.

AWWA D-013 Design Standard since 1986.
Statewide Aquastore is a WBE company and all products are USA steel and manufacturing.
Designs and Associations:

Aquastore tanks are available in a variety of colors to suit your environment.

Edge Coating:

The edge coat innovative technology is only available on an Aquastore tank. Prior to sheet glassing all four (4) exposed rectangular continuous sheet edges, including starter sheets, for each specific sheet radii shall be mechanically rounded in profile resulting in an optimized radius and adhere to The Porcelain Enameling Institute’s Technical Manual PEI-101. All (4) exposed sheet edges will then be directionally sprayed by nozzles, and coated with the same vitreous enamel glass coating as the sheet surface. Coating adhesion shall be tested in accordance with ISO 28765 Class 2 or better. Rounded sheet edge encapsulation will have zero exposed uncoated steel.

Glass Coating:

The Aquastore tank has the lowest coating maintenance costs compared to welded or painted bolted steel tanks. The Aquastore glass formulation is inert and chemically bonds to the steel once the panels are fired at 1600 degrees F. This gives the coating an adherence of roughly 5000 PSI which is almost 10 times the bond strength of field applied or baked on paint.