Statewide Aquastore has successfully assembled a team of talented professionals who are committed to assisting every customer, every day with the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to help their communities be a success. The reputation that Statewide has earned over the years is a testament to that truth.

For creative answers to your water storage needs, call us today! We will be sure to follow up with you within 48 hours, or call direct 315-433-2782 if you have a more urgent need.

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Marge Keskin
Vice President
Chief Engineer
(315) 416-0871
Construction Manager
(518) 424-6066
Sales and Marketing
Catskills, NYC, Long Island and CT
(315) 427-9115
New England
(315) 247-9344
Eastern Region
(315) 751-3937
Western NY
(315) 416-0871
Representative Sales
Project Management: (315) 433-2782
Sr. Project Manager
(518) 424-0073
Project Manager
Project Manager
Assistant Project Manager
Design and Detail
Administrative: (315) 433-2782
Office Manager
PM Administrative Support
Administrative Assistant
David Dygert
Dale Barrett
Roger Prichard
James Lawson
Tank Care Services
Field Technician
(315) 380-6367
Brad Allen
(315) 200-5921