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Composite Elevated

Composite elevated tanks have long been established in the water industry.  Constructing an Aquastore glass fused to steel tank atop a concrete column provides the benefits of bolted fabrication and minimal maintenance.  Bolted construction can proceed in adverse weather conditions that make welding and field painting impossible.

For elevated water storage, rapid construction, advanced coating, least maintenance costs and competitive pricing are all requirements.  Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks on a concrete column offer all of that and more.   Shorter construction schedules saves money.   Minimum downtime saves money.  No interior or exterior repainting or recoating ever saves money.  The bottom line is that an Aquastore composite elevated tank is the best price-to-performance product on the market, and the total maintenance costs are significantly lower than any other form of water storage.



Tanks are erected using a portable proprietary jacking system.  Panels are bolted together at ground level with impact wrenches.  The electric powered jacking system raises the tank into position.  After a ring of sheets has been completed, the jacking system raises the tank to enable the next ring to be installed.  All construction is at ground level.  No scaffolding, elevated platforms or concrete form work.  Bolted construction allows for rapid completion in weather that would delay other tank construction methods.

Job specific submittal drawings and design calculations are provided for every tank.  Factory designs are submitted with a Professional Engineers.

With the inert glass formulation once the panels are fired at 1600° F  the chemically bonded coating has an adherence of roughly 5000 PSI.   That’s almost 10 times the bond strength of field applied or baked on paint.